When it comes to wholesale, we cover the entire area of Croatia with our selected baked goods. Our products can be seen on the shelves of almost all supermarkets in the country, in smaller neighborhood stores, as well as in catering establishments, hotels, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, and other public institutions. In addition to the central sales office in Zagreb, we have separate operational sales centers in Split and Rijeka, as well as a sales representative office in Slavonski Brod.

Fresh, frozen, and long-life products are delivered daily from our main distribution center in Zagreb, whereas our operational centers in Split, Rijeka, and Slavonski Brod only deliver frozen and long-life products.

Central sales office – Zagreb

Utinjska 48, 10020 Zagreb
01/2399 001, F. 01/2399 048

Operational sales office – Split

T. 098 481 632

Operational sales office – Rijeka

Kukuljanovo bb, 51000 Rijeka
T. 091 3638 077

Operational sales office – Slavonski brod

T. 099 3129 940

Contact for orders

T. 01/2399 053
F. 01/2399 055

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